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Produced and directed by James Hester for 1st Element Productions on location in Bristol.

„It seems like the world is turning faster around us and picking up speed every single day. It may seem only a general and somewhat diffuse feeling, but at times I feel slightly overwhelmed, and it seems like I’m slowing down, while the younger generation, the wild ones, zip around me in mind boggling speed!“ 

That’s what PHILIPP FANKHAUSER told his dear friend, producer and songwriter, multiple Grammy Award winner DENNIS WALKER last year while talking on the phone. Walker is obviously familiar with that particular notion, as his big (commercial) success with ROBERT CRAY has been a while ago, although Philipp claims, that Dennis wrote his greatest songs just recently and he keeps them coming!! „Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark“, „False Accusations“, „Midnight Stroll“, „Right Next Door (Because of Me)“, and „Playin’ With My Friends“ are just a few out of his huge catalogue.

Just a few weeks after said call, Dennis sent Philipp a set of lyrics titled „THE DARK COMES DOWN“. „It’s literally dumbfounding“, says Philipp. „Dennis Walker’s lyrics „sound“ when I first read them! „Dark“ sounded like a midtempo song with a minor feel. I sketched it on my guitar and when I played the melody to my musicians, they brought the track alive in literally just minutes. It was a wonderful moment and the tune is one of my absolute favourite Walker songs ever!“ 

Philipp and Dennis have been collaborating for a good 25 years now. During that period Dennis wrote songs like „Try My Love“, „Too Little Too Late“, „It’s Gonna Rain“, „Horse of a Different Color“ and many more for Philipp Fankhauser. Together they penned, among many others, „It’s Over Now Baby“, „Lonely In This Town“, „Cryin’ Shame (Can’t Believe My Baby)“ and  „The Lesson“.